Information Technology


Recently I setup my Windows Server 2008r2 server to be a WDS(Windows Deployment Services) server. I've had an ever increasing number of clients needing to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 and this is the easiest way to get from point A to point B. This allows a boot directly to the my network, transfers all files and installs without a cd/dvd or usb device. It cuts the time of an install by about a third. This also allows me to do a re-install for a corrupt instillation. I’ve also created a portable WDS for my laptop so I can be mobile in servicing clients.


I am a skilled computer technician with over 20 years of hardware and software experience. My Experience includes building many desktop computers from scratch installing every piece from the motherboard, microprocessor, hard drive, floppy disk, memory and CD/DVD-rom drives.   I am also very experienced in communication peripheral such as networks, wireless networks, modems, routers and virtually all software associated with them.   In the building of all of these computers I also installed and configured the operating systems, mainly consisting of Windows 7, VISTA, XP.  I have also installed and configured Windows 98, Ubuntu Linux and configured Windows NT. 


I've worked with installed and configured the following hardware items:

  Motherboards: Routers: Network Adaptors:
      Intel       D-Link       D-Link wireless/pci
      TYAN       Netgear       Netgear wireless/pci
      FIC       Linksys       Linksys pci
      Biostar       2Wire       Intel pci
      abit           ZyXEL wireless
              SMC wireless pccard

I've installed Intel, AMD and Cyrix microprocessors in the respective motherboard above.  These have been installed in socket 775, 370, slot 1 motherboards

I also have about 20 years of experience with hard drive installation and configuring.  My first hard drive was a 30 megabyte drive and cost over $300. Now a 30 gigabyte drive is small.   I thought it was wonderful since I was booting from floppy disks before that.  I've install and configured IDE, EIDE, Sata I, II, and SCSI drives in both desk top and laptop computers.

Memory is another area I have a lot of experience in.  I have installed, updated or replaced the following types of memory: DIMM, SDRAM, DDR2, DDR3, single channel, dual channel, desktop and laptop. I've installed the following makes of memory: Kingston, Samsung, Pny, USModular, Crucial and Ultra.

Modems are almost a thing of the past but, I do have a lot of experience with V.90 telephone modems and their respective software.  I've also installed various cable and DSL modems.


Since the time of the Commodore 64 and 128 I have been involved with various and many software programs.  Starting with operating systems to spreadsheets, word processors and ending up with programming languages.

I've worked with installed and configured the following Software Programs:

 Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98, Server 2008

  Adobe Photo Shop


  Microsoft Office 2000, 2007, 2010

  Adobe PageMaker


  Adobe Dreamweaver

  Adobe Acrobat

  PC Anywhere

  Internet Explorer

  Adobe Illustrator



  Lotus 123



  Various HTML Editors

  Symantec Norton Ghost



  MS Remote Desktop

I also have extensive spreadsheet macro and script programming experience.

Quotes for a sucessful life!

Information technology allows a cerebral element and give me a direct hands on experience.