Welcome to My Expanded Resume Site

First and foremost this site is entirely run from my own server in my garage. It’s an old Core 2 Duo with 8 gigs of ram, 120gig SSD hard drive and Windows 7 Ultimate. The web server itself is a virtual machine ran on Virtual Box in an installation of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 with Appache Web Server 2.2, FileZilla, and DDNS from No-IP. It costs nothing to run and is never down.

This is a more in depth look at my actual qualifications in the various aspects of my experiences and education. So many resumes are designed specifically for one position and do not cover many other skills and qualifications that might be of value to an employer. This is my expanded resume to include my other skills, abilities and/or qualifications that an employer might find valuable. I have arranged this in three sections, education, experience and IT. All can be accessed by the respective tabs at the top of the page. These pages provide a more complete description of my actual experience, skills and qualifications.

I have been involved in all facets of data processing and accounting throughout my experiences. I have done fraud audits and reconstructions for the FBI and other government agencies. Worked with the Department of Home Land security to research and uncover suspected terrorist money transfers. I have attended many board of directors meetings either as the president of a credit union presenting the financial affairs or presenting the findings of an external audit.

Quotes for a sucessful life!

"Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life" - Harvey MacKay